Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Contact:  Jodie Wiederkehr, Center For Ethical Science (CFES), 773-726-0589,



Violated Federal Law and Caused Death of Monkey, Charges Research Watchdog

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA – Due to gross negligence at Glaxo Smith Kline, a non-human primate escaped her cage and was found dead the next morning, violating federal Animal Welfare Laws in the process, charged a research watchdog group today.

According to a June 14, 2016 U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection report, "In June of 2016 most likely during the night of the 8th or early morning of the 9th, a non-human primate was able to unlock the mechanism that holds the squeeze back portion of the cage in place.  With the mechanism unlocked, the primate was able to move the back panel forward thus creating a space between the side wall of the cage and the opening for the automatic watering device.  At this time, the primate was able to get her head caught in this space and was found dead the following morning by husbandry staff."

In a letter to Dr. Betty Goldentyer, Director of the Eastern Region of the USDA/APHIS (Animal and Plant Inspection Services) office in Raleigh, NC, Jodie Wiederkehr, Executive Director of the Center For Ethical Science (CFES), charged "Glaxo Smith Kline failed to ensure the safety of the animals in their care and this carelessness killed ,".  CFES is urging the USDA to launch a full investigation into this incident and levy the largest fine allowable against Glaxo Smith Kline of at least $10,000 per non-compliance. 

"One can only imagine how long this animal suffered before she died.  Glaxo Smith Kline should be held accountable for their incompetence which led to the tragic death of this monkey," Wiederkehr stated.

All federal reports are available upon request.